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Marketing is the Heartbeat of your Business

This book was written specifically for the allied health market. The nuances in the health services market means that the same marketing strategies used for selling a product or non-health service are quite different, while at the same time having similarities. Sounds confusing? It doesn’t need to be once you understand what drives health marketing.

As a business coach who works with private practice owners in numerous countries, I’ve had the fortune to work with a variety of different owners in all sorts of specialty areas. I’ve worked with and had significant discussions with some world-renowned clinicians whose businesses struggle, while at the same time witnessed very average clinicians whose businesses have absolutely boomed. The difference in their financial success was obviously not due to their clinical skills but more due to their business and particularly their marketing skills.

I believe whole-heartedly that the physiotherapy profession is one of the most personally rewarding professions. We not only have the capability to positively impact individuals, but as a consequence often make a positive impact on family dynamics. However, in saying that I don’t believe we are rewarded financially to the degree we deserve. You may have one of the best business ideas, concepts or service available, but if its kept in a shoebox at the back of a wardrobe it’ll never come to anything. Sadly this is how many private practices operate, they have wonderful and impacting clinical skills that could help a significant number of people in the community, but their marketing lacks substance.

“Are you a health professional that happens to do some marketing, or a professional marketing company that happens to be made up of health professionals? Learn the difference and reap the rewards.”


“Change the way you think about YOUR business now and forever on. This book will help transform YOUR BUSINESS into a marketing machine with REAL RESULT!”

As clinicians we spend an enormous amount of time learning and refining our clinical skills. Once we qualify from university the majority of our post-graduate continuing professional development commitment is in further developing this area. As private practice business owners, the majority of us start our journey with little (or no) formal business skills, other than those we learn from others who have gone before us; and they came from the same vicious cycle of a clinical skills focus and they learned their business skills from those who went before them; and so the cycle continues.

This book “Marketing is the Heartbeat of your Business” has been specifically written to start a journey to understand one of the key differentials of what sets some businesses apart from others when it comes to financial success. The fundamentals and strategies described within can be put into action immediately to drive new numbers and create a growing and sustainable business platform.

Marketing is the heartbeat of your business and this is an aspect that the majority of health care professionals often struggle in knowing what works, what doesn’t, what needs refining and where to put your focus. This book has been written to alleviate that.

While this is not the only factor to business success it is a very important aspect. Without it the only certainty is that you’ll never reach your full business potential. Combining your clinical expertise with sound marketing that works for you, your area and your expertise creates a huge head start to succeeding in business.

The book has 2 separate sections:

  1. The fundamentals that every person who owns a allied health business and wants to market their services must know:
    • The principles of marketing
    • Establishing an annual marketing calendar
    • Relationship marketing
    • Developing your message
    • Creating your Unique Selling proposition
    • The laws of the market
    • Writing powerful messages
    • Online, external and internal marketing
  2. A workbook to help create a game plan specific to the readers business

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