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Take A Really Good Look At Your Business

Most Physiotherapy business owners are so busy that they just don’t get the time to analyse their business and adopt effective practices for business growth. If you’re one of these people then you may be stuck working “In” the business and don’t spend priority time working “on” your business. This may slow you down.

For a physiotherapy business to reach its absolute potential, either the business owners or business leaders have to take positive and focused action toward making that business a true high performer.

A Business Performance Diagnostic will make your business perform more effectively so that it:

  • Delivers a better return on your investment than it is doing right now.
  • Gives you more time to enjoy life.
  • Delivers a more consistent and better quality service to your clients.
  • Runs more effectively and in so doing, reduces your stress.
  • Efficiently manages the wants and needs of your staff.

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With The PPS Business Performance Diagnostic, You’ll Remove The Barriers To Building A Truly Successful Physiotherapy Business

The PPS performance diagnostic process reviews your business as a whole to determine what barriers have been preventing greater success. By taking a holistic view of your business operations and financials, PPS are able to bring the two together and determine the key factors that will drive sustainable, long-term improvement.

What Can A PPS Analysis Do For Your Business?

The Physiotherapy Performance Diagnostic will give you a clear understanding of your current situation and show you how much more money you should be making. All the research is analysed and presented to you as an executive report. This includes clear recommendations and metrics that will lead to greater revenue when implemented. Whether it’s a business health check or phase one in a significant growth plan, learning and applying the PPS diagnostic recommendations has proven invaluable to every PPS client.

How The Performance Diagnostic Works

By conducting a diagnosis along international benchmarks it is possible to identify the different positions, opinions and perceptions of each business category. This process identifies the underlying issues that may hinder the delivery of successful outcomes in allowing your healthcare practice to operate at its optimal potential. The business diagnosis focuses on functional priorities to identify definite growth options, which if implemented, will allow you to reach clearly defined business outcomes.

Analyse Your Operations

This diagnostic process covers all aspects of your business including the careful analysis of specific areas concerning overall operations including:

  • Generating new clients
  • Providing outstanding service
  • Client retention
  • Up and cross-selling
  • Converting clients to other programs
  • Obtaining internal referrals from clients.

The operational systems and processes built around these fundamentals identify what mechanisms are used to record the following:

  • Critical KPIs
  • Quality control
  • Performance coaching
  • Barriers to success

A ‘Best In Class’ Performance Model For Physiotherapists

The Physiotherapy Business Diagnostic identifies the success and effectiveness of your current business processes. It then identifies real and workable opportunities for creating and increasing value and driving sales. PPS will measure your business performance against a matrix of ‘Best-in-class’ benchmarks. Each benchmark will measure as a comparison against services, systems and processes ranked by customers and industry-experts to be among the ‘best of the best’.

PPS will show you the value of your business today, and give you a clear path to increased revenue and real business success.

100% Money Back Guarantee

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