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Make Your Physiotherapy Practice World Class

Why have a business which is not hitting its potential when it can be sensational?

Learn how to implement proven ‘World-Class’ business strategies, processes and systems into your physiotherapy business for greater, long-term growth and profitability.

Two days of intensive Business Building Boot camp with one of the world’s foremost physiotherapy business experts, John Davie from Professional Performance Specialists (PPS). Learn the skills to develop a new business model and develop the mind- set to thrive in the physiotherapy market place.

Success Won’t Come Knocking On Your Door, You Need To Go Out And Chase It!

“John’s experience as an elite sportsman, high performance coach and Physiotherapy business owner gives him a rare combination of skills which have proved invaluable to my business. I wish we had of found John earlier.” Cameron Bulluss, Newcastle.

“Johns enthusiasm, experience and amazing ability to developed Marketing, management and point of difference strategies, I believe are second to none.” Trish Wisbey-Roth, Sydney

Proven Business Strategies That Will Improve Your Business Bottom Line.

The Business Building Program is tailored to create practical and highly specific solutions for physiotherapy businesses. The techniques and approach you will learn during your two intensive seminar days will allow you to:

  • Create a ‘Best in Class’ environment where it’s easier for your people to succeed than fail
  • Drive compliance through ‘World Class’ standards
  • Create an Annual Marketing Program and drive patients into your business at unprecedented levels to what you’ve ever experienced
  • Learn to supersede client expectations and create “Raving Fans” who actually “Actively Market” your business for you
  • Empower and motivates staff to create “World-Class Service Standards”
  • Increase staff retention and productivity
  • Instill a customer, (patient and referring doctors) focused service orientated culture throughout your organization
  • Introduce a methodology for setting standards, tracking, measuring and reporting results, identifying underperformance and coaching for success
  • Reinforce ‘Best in Class’ service standards in operations, management and service practices throughout the business
  • Bridge the gap between common sense and common practice.

What makes PPS truly different is their ability to consistently deliver performance improvement in the critical KPIs through Business Performance Strategies and an approach, which is based on World Class insights from high performing global businesses.

2 Days Training To Help You Achieve Phenomenal Business Results

“We have developed world-class physiotherapy specific systems, methodologies and processes to improve the performance of physiotherapy businesses. Our methodologies are based on almost 30 years of working with some of the most successful global health and service businesses. Our programs have been implemented throughout Australia, the UK and New Zealand to generate significant and sustainable growth in both increased revenue and bottom line profitability,” says John Davie.

The results achieved for PPS clients are nothing short of phenomenal, delivering significant improvements to revenue production without eroding margin. The key to this success is in the PPS Professional Performance Model which has been specifically developed to drive improved business performance.

Day 1 – Program Workshop 1

  • The PPS Model
  • Personal and Business Vision
  • The Customer Journey
  • Superseding client expectations (patient & medical referrers)
  • Using technology to your advantage
  • Physiotherapy KPIs
  • Performance Coaching

Day 2 – Programme Workshop 2

  • Sales & Service standards
  • Engaging your TEAM
  • Managing Performance
  • Empowering your people
  • Marketing

PPS programs are built on the “real world” experience of those who have already achieved significant success in the tough physiotherapy profession.

John Davie and his team know exactly what is needed to build a successful and sensational physiotherapy practice.

Successful physiotherapy businesses are built on the disciplined implementation of revenue generating standards, robust and comprehensive measurement tools and consistent managerial and operational procedures to minimise profit leaks and maximise productivity. This seminar will help physiotherapy business owners and managers understand what is required to achieve these goals and setup the required standards for success.

They will learn how an emphasis on the people and performance aspects of the business will maximize the full potential of space and resources.

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Your two days of intensive training also includes:

  • Special 100 page ‘Physiotherapy Business Building Workbook’ – Valued $250
  • The PPS Performance Tool box; Business Diagnostic Documentation, Developing your USP, Key Performance Indicators to Drive your business, Non-negotiable Service Standards, Patient Journey, GP 10 Point Marketing Process workbook and Sales guidance workbook for physiotherapists, Mystery Shoppers Guidelines – Valued $200

Money Back Guarantee

PPS are so confident that the two days of intensive business building solutions strategies and systems will be of a significant benefit to you and your practice, that they will guarantee your time and investment with a unique performance guarantee. If at the end of this two day program you don’t believe your time and investment in the two days has been worthwhile, then PPS will refund the FULL amount of your course fees. That’s right, the “total full amount.”

You can also keep your ‘Physiotherapy Business Building Workbook.’

Why We Offer A Guarantee

Because we completely believe that this two day course will easily return your modest investment many, many times over. We also want to assure you that we are serious about improving your business. We do care about how you perform!

Contact PPS today to learn how the Business Building Program can be implemented to improve the performance of your sales and accounts management teams, you’ll be glad you took this first important step to your improved business and personal work life.


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