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Unlocking the Real Value of Your Business

If you own an independent Physiotherapist business and want to increase your performance by a minimum of 10% in the next 12 months, gain compliance to standards, have motivated staff and add value to your business then consider what the PPS Business Acceleration Programme will do for you:

  • Give you increased revenue
  • Build an asset that’s more profitable, valuable and saleable
  • Learn to track critical KPI’s that make your business successful
  • Develop a marketing strategy that works
  • Give you greater control of your business
  • Give you a clear vision for your business
  • Deliver a ‘Best-in-class’ service focused team
  • Give you a performance toolbox to drive sales
  • Give you the systems to eliminate operational frustrations.

PPS will share your risk and support you in every step toward success. They provide a performance guarantee because they are as committed to helping you achieve your specific defined goals as you are.

What To Expect From The Business Acceleration Programme

The PPS Business Acceleration Programme is built from hands on experience gained from thousands of leading service providers the world over. It demonstrates precisely what works and what holds you back. You’ll discover how to get more productivity out of your business, even when you are convinced that your business is performing at its peak.

This program is for those who want to see their businesses explode through working with the Physiotherapy Performance Specialists to develop the strategies used by the world’s best service and sales industry leaders.

Specialists In Growing Physiotherapy Business

The challenge that most successful clinicians have is that although they are very skilled and highly trained as health professionals they have had very little training in how to operate a successful commercial business which can operate at its true potential. This is where the PPS Business Acceleration Programme comes into its own. The focus is in working closely to help you launch into a new phase of business growth.

The Business Acceleration Programme is an elite package which includes an intensive ongoing business mentoring program and personal support to implement proven world class sales and service strategies into your practice. The combination of in-practice training, customised accountability systems, ongoing training tools and support, will help guarantee your success. You are never isolated with the PPS program because your business growth and development is achieved through significant in-practice face-to-face programs, on-site visits and fortnightly strategy meetings.

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