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The programs and services PPS provides are purely focussed on taking your business to another level of productivity and profitability, within this ever changing health profession. The aim is to drive large numbers of people into your practice, offer them an outstanding service and ensure that they tell others about your business. This requires having the right systems, protocols and culture in place that supersedes all expectations from those who come into contact with your business. The services which enhance patient care sit centrally which helps create an atmosphere where productivity thrives due to a growth mindset, which simultaneously produces a steadily growing profit for all to enjoy.

The programs PPS supplies include:

A Business Diagnostic

The PPS performance diagnostic process reviews your business as a whole to determine what barriers have been preventing greater success. By taking a holistic view of your business operations and financials, PPS are able to bring the two together and determine the key factors that will drive sustainable, long-term improvement.

The Physiotherapy Performance Diagnostic will give you a clear understanding of your current situation and show you how much more money you should be making. All the research is analysed and presented to you as an executive report. This includes clear recommendations and metrics that will lead to greater revenue when implemented. Whether it’s a business health check or phase one in a significant growth plan, learning and applying the PPS diagnostic recommendations has proven invaluable to every PPS client.

A Business Performance Diagnostic will make your business perform more effectively so that it:

  • Delivers a better return on your investment than it is doing right now.
  • Gives you more time to enjoy life.
  • Delivers a more consistent and better quality service to your clients.
  • Runs more effectively and in so doing, reduces your stress.

Efficiently manages the wants and needs of your staff.

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Business Acceleration Program through Effective Business Coaching

The Business Acceleration Programme is an elite package which includes an intensive ongoing business mentoring program and personal support to implement proven world class sales and service strategies into your practice. The combination of in-practice training, customised accountability systems, ongoing training tools and support, will help guarantee your success. You are never isolated with the PPS program because your business growth and development is achieved through significant in-practice face-to-face programs, on-site visits and fortnightly strategy meetings.

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Business Building Program

Why have a business which is not hitting its potential when it can be sensational?

Learn how to implement proven ‘World-Class’ business strategies, processes and systems into your physiotherapy business for greater, long-term growth and profitability.

Two days of intensive Business Building Boot camp with one of the world’s foremost physiotherapy business experts, John Davie from Professional Performance Specialists (PPS). Learn the skills to develop a new business model and develop the mind- set to thrive in the physiotherapy market place.

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Practice Managers e-learning Courses

Transform your Physio Business through the Practice Managers Online E-learning Program

  • Drive productivity,
  • Increase profitability
  • Eliminate revenue leakage

Free up the practice principal’s time to do what

As allied health business owners, we employ Practice Managers to operate our essential parts of the business, but often with no specific training into the nuances of running a successful and profitable business. Now there is a SOLUTION and it doesn’t require the practice manager taking time off to attend a course over several days. They can study in their own timeframes and learn to become PRODUCTIVITY DRIVERS of your business.

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Marketing is the Heartbeat of your Business

This book “Marketing is the Heartbeat of your Business” has been specifically written to start a journey to understand one of the key differentials of what sets some businesses apart from others when it comes to financial success. The fundamentals and strategies described within can be put into action immediately to drive new numbers and create a growing and sustainable business platform.

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Free Marketing Whitepaper: 9 Secrets of success for a physio business owner
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Physiotherapy Business Diagnostic
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John is passionate about business and about Physiotherapy. He is an outstanding coach and has provided some valuable insights which has already seen my practice numbers grow by 20% in the 3 months we have been working together.


Not only has John walked the walk with a very successful physiotherapy practice, he has a rare gift for pursuing excellence. After six months of working with John, we are excited about our direction and have confidence in the strategy we have adopted.


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