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Transform your Physio Business through the
Practice Managers Online E-learning Program

Welcome to the first online e-learning program specifically developed for Allied Health Practice Managers

As allied health business owners, we employ Practice Managers to operate our essential parts of the business, but often with no specific training into the nuances of running a successful and profitable business. Now there is a SOLUTION and it doesn’t require the practice manager taking time off to attend a course over several days. They can study in their own timeframes and learn to become PRODUCTIVITY DRIVERS of your business.

Technology and new program developments along with greater competition from multiple channels means the business of allied health is going through significant changes. If you combine these factors and continue to operate without an efficient up to date PRACTICE MANAGER, who understands the market demands, the result will be continual revenue leakage. The extra work required to rectify this reduces the time and energy to seek out new opportunities or enhance internal business operations.

Having a proactive PRACTICE MANAGER who who knows how to operate a successful and profitable business is just the start. Having them take charge of activities that drive productivity, frees up the principal’s time to increase the productivity in areas in which they excel.

Warning: The “Accelerated Learning Program for PRACTICE MANAGERS” will create high performing PRACTICE MANAGERS who help drive business performance

There are 11 interactive modules in this program:

  • Practice Managers Overview
  • A Review Of Your Roles As A Practice Manager
  • The Psychology Of Winning In An Allied Health Business
  • Leadership Skills
  • Customer Service & Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • The Customer/Patient Journey
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Performance Coaching
  • Marketing Fundamentals For Practice Managers
  • Creating A Promotional, Sales And Service Culture

Consider the revenue leakage factors alone of not having a highly driven team, all steering in the same direction, let alone the additional gains that could be made by having a proactive Practice Manager who helps create a culture within your business where excellence is being pursued across your whole team. This frees you (the business owner) up from doing non-revenue generating tasks and allows you to concentrate your time into working-on-your-business, or just free up time to pursue other activities.


So what will the results of this program produce?

A PRACTICE MANAGER who understands about:

  • The key drivers for a successful allied health business
  • The psychology of business success
  • How to review of their own role, duties and effectiveness
  • How to review the practice as a whole (Practice audit)
  • Proactive business building activities
  • Leadership skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • How to create a compelling patient journey document that sets the culture of service for everyone to follow
  • How to track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • How to record Management Information Systems
  • How to identify underperformance
  • Performance coaching skills
  • How to effectively run staff appraisals
  • Marketing fundamentals
  • How to create a promotional, sales and service culture
  • Creating a culture of pursuing excellence

All these lead to:

  • A proactive business environment
  • Heightened productivity
  • Reduced revenue leakage
  • Greater profitability
  • Frees the principals time up to concentrate on activities of greater importance, or to pursue other activities

This Course Contains

  • Get started guide
  • Video tutuorials
  • Email support
  • Research articles
  • Workbooks
  • Discounts on other PPS programmes

PM online Accelerated Learning Program Testimonials

I am currently completing the PPS Practice Managers Accelerated Programme. The course content is very comprehensive and covers all areas of practice management in an easy to work through format. The videos and workbooks are presented in a professional, concise and clear manner. Lastly the interactive question and answer section means I am consistently challenged in my understanding. I thoroughly recommend this to anyone in a practice managers position who wants to create a team that gets results.

Anna Tysoe, Noosa

The Practice Manager’s Accelerated Program is fantastic! It is comprehensive, covering every aspect of the business and it saves me loads and loads of time when training staff. It provides an ideal learning platform with varied modalities including white papers, videos and question/answer sections. I would highly recommend the Practice Manager’s Accelerated Program!

Melissa Macdonald, Pottsville and Cabarita Physiotherapy

For your business to excel in today’s changing and progressive market place, the first step is to have on-board a proactive PRACTICE MANAGER who understands the business of operating a successful allied health practice

Until now… PRACTICE MANAGER training has predominantly been on-the-job-training from the person who has gone before them, or is being made up on the run as required.

From now on, training specific to the skill set required can take place at their own pace, with an interactive program which comprises of:

  • Written content
  • Training and educational videos
  • White papers
  • Workbooks
  • Research articles
  • Working documents that can be used immediately in the practice
  • Interactive question and answer sections

The Time Frame:

This is an online program that allows the participant to complete the course at his or her own pace. You may want to do this in an intensive full on 2-days, or spread it out over 6 -12 weeks. The choice is yours.

This course only has room for 20 participants at a time due to the interactive nature of the program and so enroll now to help your practice go to the next level of performance by having a the most important member of your team trained in the key components of being a high performing PRACTICE MANAGER.

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Who is this suited to?

  • Any practice manager in any allied health business
  • The principal who owns a practice employing less than 4 Full Time Clinicians and who does a lot of the practice management work themselves
  • A senior administrator or receptionist who happens to do some of the practice management duties of an allied health practice

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