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Real Physiotherapy Business Experience For Real Business Results

Because the physiotherapy profession is unique amongst other healthcare disciplines, PPS has developed a highly structured and industry focused Physiotherapy Performance Model. The specific physiotherapy business focus of this model has proven time and again to successfully increase business effectiveness, increase patient numbers and supersede service expectations. The PPS business coaching when applaied to this model provides proven processes, procedures, skills, behaviours, standards and all the tools needed to increase performance.

Based on ‘Best Practice’ experience gained from leading physiotherapists, health professionals and elite service providers the world over, the PPS Physiotherapy Performance Model and individual programs provide a pragmatic approach that will guide you through what really works and of course steer you away from what does not.

When the model is applied to your business, you’ll be able to understand and identify problems, areas of weakness and under performance and then work with the PPS team to tailor, develop and implement the right programs that will deliver performance enhancing solutions.

How the Performance Model Works

There are eight sections and four components, which formulate the underlying basis of the PPS Physiotherapy Performance Model. These help to define a clear process of achieving each identified goal while continuing to grow and evolve. PPS will work closely with you through each step of the process to guarantee your success.

Make It Clear

  • Create and document a winning vision for your business
  • Define the strategy that will deliver your business vision
  • Gain clarity on what you have to do to build your successful business asset
  • Know the key levers that will drive your practice’s success
  • Build a customer journey document that delivers excellent customer service and maximises service and sales opportunities (for your patients and for those who refer to you)
  • Create an environment where staff understand the rules of engagement
  • Build a lead generation plan to know how you will find your next customers.

Make It Real

  • Capture the key performance levers and track them in a scorecard system
  • Identify both your high performers and underachievers and identify strategies to recognise, reward and coach
  • Implement a daily/weekly/monthly work schedule to deliver operational excellence
  • Implement a system to track and move the critical KPIs of Conversion, Average Transaction Value (ATV), Saturation and Retention Rates, Items per sale and Revenue per hour
  • Build your customer loyalty plan to retain your customers.

Make It Happen

  • Create magnificent marketing materials for your practice
  • Plan and schedule winning marketing campaigns
  • Implement a process to communicate important daily targets to your team
  • Implement a formal service program that ensures staff are competent where it counts
  • Introduce non-negotiable standards in the area of operations, sales and service
  • Set up a staff training process that addresses product knowledge skill gaps
  • Organise your practice so that it runs effectively in your absence
  • Improve the productivity of your staff without having to increase their wages.

Make It Last

  • create an annual marketing calendar
  • Create permission based e-mail campaigns to build profitable relationships with prospects and customers
  • Build your team’s skills and behaviours through performance coaching
  • Implement win:win agreements with all staff so they understand what is required and how to deliver it
  • Create a competitive environment which motivates your team to drive sales
  • Implement the systems to eliminate operational, sales and service compliance issues.

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