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Business Coaching

PPS will work with business owners and educators from around the world, so we can bring you Best-in-Class models, in a format that you’ll be able to use. This gives us access to an incredible amount of resources relating to specific physiotherapy business strategies that are leading the field right now and this is important in our fast changing market place. After all, what worked a few years ago may not being working now, so we’ll help you stay relevant. All our programs and resources are based on the latest up to date research and business strategies used by world leaders in their field. We are dedicated in our pursuit to provide you with accurate solid up-to-date facts and not fads.

PPS programs provide every business with a tailored solution that will:

  • Drive compliance with ‘Best-in-Class’ physiotherapy business standards
  • Instill a customer, (patient and referring services) focused service orientated culture throughout the organisation
  • Introduce a methodology for setting standards, tracking, measuring and reporting results, identifying underperformance and coaching for success
  • Reinforce ‘Best-in-Class’ service standards in every aspect of your business including operations, management and general service practices
  • Bridge the gap between common sense and common practice
  • Create a proactive, positive environment making it far easier for your people to succeed, rather than fail.

Get on the proven fast-track to business success. Contact PPS today and discussing how they can help you with the specific challenges and goals of your business.

Working In Partnership To Ensure Your Business Success

For any real business relationship to work, and in particular, for real business improvement to work, it is imperative that the PPS business coach build a close working relationship with you as the business owner. PPS promise to always give you open and honest advice with the best interests of your business always at the core of their thinking. All of their recommendations will be shared with the key stakeholders at each decision point and phase of work in your business.

The process will go through four key business development phases.

  • Phase One: Define the problem. Every PPS client relationship starts with a Business Performance Diagnostic Report. This report defines the key issues and provides a detailed gap analysis of what is preventing you from achieving real business growth. It also identifies which areas require immediate attention. The report will map the managerial, operational, sales & service standards and practices against the PPS Performance Model.
  • Phase Two: Create the solution. Based upon the findings in the Diagnostic Report, PPS will then tailor and develop the tailored program required to address and resolve the issues identified in your business, so that you can move toward a significant and rapid performance improvement.
  • Phase Three: Deliver the program. The Performance Program is implemented via a series of options specifically tailored to best suit your business.  A Performance Program can be run for anything from 6 weeks to 3 years depending on the size, scope and complexity of your business and the goals you want to archive.
  • Phase Four: Sustain the performance. After the delivery of the program, PPS will continue to work alongside you for as long as it takes to provide the necessary on-going training, coaching, mentoring and support to embed the new solutions and sustain the increased performance of your business.

Your continued business success is also our success, therefore we have a committed and vested interest in ensuring that you do well! Contact PPS today and realize how real business performance can be achieved in your Physiotherapy Business

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John is passionate about business and about Physiotherapy. He is an outstanding coach and has provided some valuable insights which has already seen my practice numbers grow by 20% in the 3 months we have been working together.


Not only has John walked the walk with a very successful physiotherapy practice, he has a rare gift for pursuing excellence. After six months of working with John, we are excited about our direction and have confidence in the strategy we have adopted.


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