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Physiotherapists are trained to deliver outstanding clinical skills. However, the majority of time we spend training as a physiotherapists is developing clinical skills and then once we qualify the majority of postgraduate training is also dedicated to clinical activities. Yet when it comes to business, we have no or little training, in how to run a successful and profitable business. We tend to learn as we go and hope we get the results we desire and when it comes to business hope is not a great strategy. The PPS Business Coaching programs are designed specifically for a busy practice owner who wants to take their business results to a new level.

  1. Do You want your business to obtain EXPLOSIVE GROWTH without weighing you down with extra work?
  2. Do You want your business to EXPAND, or become more EFFICIENT without having to compromise your lifestyle and family?
  3. Do you want more FREE TIME to do the things you love, while being CONFIDENT that your business is continuing to grow and perform in-line with recognized WORLD-CLASS STANDARDS?

It all starts with a simple decision of “Yes I want greater results from my business and I know my business can provide them.”

Taking your business to a new level requires a specific game plan, designed specifically to your needs. PPS can help you to create the business you aspire to achieve through the following programs.

  • Business diagnostic to identify your strengths, weaknesses and where the greatest potential lies. This processes help us identify specific factors where the the greatest opportunity for growth lies in your business, whether it is to reduce revenue leakage or lift productivity and profitability and more often a combination of both.
  • Business coaching where you will work with a PPS Physiotherapy Business Coach to accelerate results, guiding you through every step of the way and providing resources to implement the required shifts in your business results.
  • An online Practice Manager’s accelerated learning program, suited to smaller businesses and those with a practice manager. This is a comprehensive program aimed at creating Practice Managers who understand the business of Private Physiotherapy and can aid the principal in driving the business forward.
  • An online Marketing Program to learn the marketing fundamentals essential to operating within this profession and drive greater numbers through the door.

Obtain a copy of the Physiotherapy Marketing book “Marketing is the heartbeat of your business” in either a hard copy or download a pdf version to study marketing that works specifically in our profession.

e-Learning Courses
Professional Performance Specialists

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Accelerate Practice Managers into Proactive assets
Professional Performance Specialists

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Marketing for Allied Health owners
Professional Performance Specialists

Download and read the first chapter of the book “Marketing is the Heartbeat of Your Business”
By John Davie

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John is passionate about business and about Physiotherapy. He is an outstanding coach and has provided some valuable insights which has already seen my practice numbers grow by 20% in the 3 months we have been working together.


Not only has John walked the walk with a very successful physiotherapy practice, he has a rare gift for pursuing excellence. After six months of working with John, we are excited about our direction and have confidence in the strategy we have adopted.


As the National Vice Chair of Physiotherapy Business Australia, a private practice owner and convener of the post the past three annual pre-conference PBA workshops, I have no hesitation in recommending John Davie for any lecturing engagement.

Anna Lee

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